Use of mobile phone during pregnancy and the risk of spontaneous abortion

Mahmoudabadi FS1, Ziaei S2, Firoozabadi M1, Kazemnejad A1.



Exposure to electromagnetic fields of cell phones increasingly occurs, but the potential influence on spontaneous abortion has not been thoroughly investigated.


In a case-control study, 292 women who had an unexplained spontaneous abortion at < 14 weeks gestation and 308 pregnant women > 14 weeks gestation were enrolled. Two data collection forms were completed; one was used to collect data about socioeconomic and obstetric characteristics, medical and reproductive history, and lifestyles. Another was used to collect data about the use of cell phones during pregnancy. For the consideration of cell phone effects, we measured the average calling time per day, the location of the cell phones when not in use, use of hands-free equipment, use of phones for other applications, the specific absorption rate (SAR) reported by the manufacturer and the average of the effective SAR (average duration of calling time per day × SAR). Analyses were carried out with statistical package state software(SPSS)v.16.


All the data pertaining to mobile phones were different between the two groups except the use of hands free devices (p < 0.001).


Our result suggests that use of mobile phones can be related to the early spontaneous abortions.

Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography of Human Studies Conducted in Modern China

Press Release 5/15/2015, New York, NY

Jim West has released his unprecedented Bibliography of critical ultrasound research, as a book, available at and

Ultrasound is a highly controversial topic. It can now be said, without hyperbole, that an understanding of its mysteries are essential to the well-being of the individual and the human species.

The word “ultrasound” commonly refers to diagnostic ultrasound, an acoustic technology utilized to view images of the fetus in real time, its position within the mother, and to view the mother’s reproductive organs. It is an economic boon to medical practitioners who advocate its routine use.

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