The following links will assist you to navigate around the site by disease, bio-effect, impact type or impact groups. Some links redirect to other website sources which collate information about EMF impacts.

It is worth noting that as new scientific understanding emerges, replacing out-dated thinking, more studies will be conducted that shine a greater light on this issue and their wide-ranging impacts. Therefore, this collection should not be regarded as comprehensive.

Study Collection

EMF + Autism

EMF + Blood/Brain Barrier

EMF + Breast Cancer

EMF + Cataracts/Eye Sight Loss

EMF + Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

EMF + Depression/Suicide

EMF + Headaches

EMF + Hearing

EMF + Fertility & Reproduction

EMF + Male Fertility

EMF + Pregnancy

EMF + Wildlife (vol.1)

EMF + Wildlife (vol.2)